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8. Write three letters of complaint relating to poor customer service. [1/3]

Went to the new Apollo cinema in Carmarthen on the 9th of May, to be fair to them they had only opened a few days earlier and it was busy but that really is no excuse. I experienced such poor customer service that I just had to contact the cinema to complain.

Sent: 10 May 2010 14:13

I would like to make a complaint about the poor service at the Apollo Cinema in Carmarthen.

I was there last night in a queue when the girl serving just left the counter, she gave no explanation or apology – this would have been about 19:25, I waited a few minutes in the hope that maybe she needed to get change for the till. After waiting about 5 minutes I went to speak to the gentleman who was checking tickets and explained that there was a queue of people waiting to be served and no member of staff. He told me that everyone who was available was serving – no mention of what happened to the girl who had originally been behind the counter.

I was then told that the only thing I could do would be to join another queue. All the other queues were just as busy as the one I was at the front of so I had to leave – this is poor customer service and I hope that you will at least have the decency to reply to this complaint.

On the 14th May I had an email from Tom Lock the manager which seemed really positive and a good result for me with four guest passes.

Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 02:39:47 +0100

Dear Mr Whatley

I would like to apologise profusely for your experience in our cinema. Customer service is the most important aspect of any business and we at Apollo Cinemas pride ourselves on this. To see that we have not provided the excellent standards to all of our customers is very disappointing to me.

I would like to offer you some guest passes for four people to come and watch a film of your choice with no charge. I hope that this time you would experience much better customer service than that you received this week.

If you would like to e-mail your address, I will mail the passes to you.

We rely on customer feedback to improve our service; I will ensure this situation does not repeat itself.

I look forward to seeing you.

Tom Lock

I replied with my address and heard nothing more from them regarding my four guest passes and nothing turned up in the post. I did give them two weeks but when they had still not turned up at the start of June I resent an email. To cut a long story short was told that they had been sent out but they would send me two guest passes. On 3rd June a letter arrives from Apollo cinema with four guest passes (the envelope was addressed to me but the letter was for someone called Kate and was signed by the manger!!!)

So a good result in four free passes, used one last night and the customer service is still not ideal.

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