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41. Create at least 50 handmade cards.

I originally started making my own cards after working out that I was no good at calligraphy and after buying so much craft materials I wanted to ensure that they were not wasted and that I was actually making handmade cards for my friends and family. The first card I made was no doubt not wanted and thinking back I really don’t know why I wasted my time making it but I did and since then I have gone on to make many more, with friends especially eager to see what sort of card they will get off me.

First hand made card

Originally I had decided not to count cards I had made for Christmas but after careful consideration I have decided that these cards were also handmade so need to be counted. I have noted counted any that I would consider as “mass produced” cards which involved me using the same design more than once. If I had not counted the cards made at Christmas time I would not be able to complete this task as there are only so many occasions that I can make cards for – I have been lucky in that I got the chance to make two engagement cards. I was going to post a selection of cards here but don’t really have the time so if anyone wants to take a look at some of the cards I have made are more then welcome to check out the link below.

Handcrafted cards

So with well over 50 hand made cards this task has been completed.

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