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Project End

Well little did I realise back on the 1st April 2006 that 1001 days would pass so quickly and here we are the deadline past a few hours ago now and I have been going though a few things. I know when I compiled this list of 101 things (well I never got around to listing the full 101 things) that it was not going to be easy in fact there would have been little point in making a list of things to do that was simple and easy to archive – so I will not be bashing myself over the head for not completing this list. It does however show me that maybe I need to look more at how my time is spent and whether this could be better used.

10. Eat a fruit I have never tried before.
11. Do a car boot sale.
25. Go out to Worms Head off Rhosilli
29. Read The Chronicles of Narnia
34. Visit Dublin
35. Visit the National Botanical Gardens of Wales
37. Change my car to a newer model.
41. Create at least 50 handmade cards.[20/50]
42. Sort out all my photos and put them in to albums
46. A night out in Cardiff/Swansea
49. Visit Llyn Y Fan Fach
54. Upgrade/change my computer
58. Complete EDCL Level 3 Word course
63. Create a sub site for this project.
64. Buy an expensive ice cream
69. Complete EDCL Level 3 Access course
70. Complete EDCL Level 3 Powerpoint course
77. Visit a continental market
79. Visit Llyn Llech Owain country park
82. Buy a Welsh rugby shirt
85. Complete my Quantum Leap dvd collection
92. Complete my Stargate SG-1 dvd collection

Listed below are those tasks I failed to complete within the 1001 day target, those tasks with an (*) means that they are partial completed

1. To watch all of the AFI top 100 films.[32/100](*)
2. To watch all of the BFI top 100 films.[30/100](*)
3. To watch all of the IMDB top 250 films.[81/250](*)
4. Visit and take a trip on the London Eye.
5. Make a list of my top 100 favourite films.(*)
6. Own at least 50 of the films in my top 100 list on DVD.
7. Release a message in a bottle.
8. Write three letters of complaint relating to poor customer service.
9. Write three letters of thanks relating to good customer service.
12. Leave a 100% tip.
13. Paint a self-portrait.
14. Make a will.
15. Go on a camping weekend.
16. Save a pound a day for 1001 days
17. Visit New York
18. Go and see a play.
19. Go to a concert.
20. Have a ski lesson
21. Do something for charity.
22. Spend a week without using a computer.
23. Move out of my bedsit.
24. Visit Blackpool
26. Treat my family to a meal
27. Make a list of my 100 favourite songs(*)
28. Climb a mountain
30. Get up early one day (5.30am) and go for a jog
31. Eat 5 potions of fruit and veg each day for 2 weeks
32. Take a photo every day for a month
33. Write a story
36. Watch a rugby game at the Millennium Stadium
38. Fly a kite
39. Get the life history section of my site up to date.
40. Customise a t-shirt
43. Tidy my wardrobe, declutter and send it off to charity
44. Visit an online friend who I have never met.
45. Fast for 72 hours
47. Go paintballing
48. Visit Cauldy Island
50. Take a walk around Llyn Brianna reservoir
51. Paint a picture
52. Dye my hair a different colour
53. Repay the money my mother loaned me back in 1999
55. Create a photo dvd with music.
56. Chart my progress using my web site
57. Build a sandcastle
59. Keep a daily tally on my expenditure on a spreadsheet for a month
60. Cycle for more than 10 miles
61. Learn to knit
62. Get at least one of my photos published
65. Create a recipe book
66. Cook at least ten things I have never cooked before
67. Unveil project “cariad”
68. Complete EDCL Level 3 Excel course
71. Visit a zoo/wildlife park
72. Buy a bagful of pick and mix sweets
73. Watch the sun rise or set
74. Make Turkish Delight
75. Make homemade rissoles
76. Take a trip on a steam engine
77. Send the two vidoes I owe to Marie
78. Attend a beer festival
80. Go for a picnic
81. Throw a penny into a wishing well and make a wish
83. Create a time capsule and bury it
84. Make candyfloss
86. Complete 5 photographic projects
87. Stop drinking caffeinated soft drinks for 1 month
88. Stay awake for 48 consecutive hours
89. Drink at least 2.5 pints of water a day for at least a week.
90. Lose enough weight to be healthy and happy.
91. Visit at least five National Trust properties[2/5](*)
93. – 101. Undecided Tasks

There are things in the uncompleted list that I should do my best to complete not because I have to but because I should. So I will carry on with the project until the end of March 2009.

41. Create at least 50 handmade cards.

I originally started making my own cards after working out that I was no good at calligraphy and after buying so much craft materials I wanted to ensure that they were not wasted and that I was actually making handmade cards for my friends and family. The first card I made was no doubt not wanted and thinking back I really don’t know why I wasted my time making it but I did and since then I have gone on to make many more, with friends especially eager to see what sort of card they will get off me.

First hand made card

Originally I had decided not to count cards I had made for Christmas but after careful consideration I have decided that these cards were also handmade so need to be counted. I have noted counted any that I would consider as “mass produced” cards which involved me using the same design more than once. If I had not counted the cards made at Christmas time I would not be able to complete this task as there are only so many occasions that I can make cards for – I have been lucky in that I got the chance to make two engagement cards. I was going to post a selection of cards here but don’t really have the time so if anyone wants to take a look at some of the cards I have made are more then welcome to check out the link below.

Handcrafted cards

So with well over 50 hand made cards this task has been completed.

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