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37. Change my car to a newer model

After my trusty Ford Escort had to have over £350 worth of work to pass its MOT back in April I knew that the time had come to cut my losses and change the car. With no real idea of what car I wanted I began to canvas the opinions of my friends and work colleagues about different cars. I was eventually put off getting another Ford, the parts maybe cheap and easy to obtain but there was always the shadow of corrosion – especially with any that were within my price range. I toyed with the idea of getting a Volkswagon as they have a good reputation and seem to hold their price – and that was the problem the only ones that I could find within my budget were basic models. In the end I decided on a Peugeot, either the 206 or the 307 and could find very few of either model around here so searched a little further afield and eventually traveled down to Bristol for the day to check out a few garages. I had prepared a list of garages that had cars I wanted to look at and it was at a garage next door that I found the car I was going to end up with.

Coming Soon

The car had only just arrived and had not been cleaned up but I liked the colour and some negotiating with the price made that look a little more attractive as well. Had a look around a few other local garages but I knew that any other car I saw would have to be really good to get me to change my mind, so on the way back to the garage I called my insurance company to check how much the insurance would be before returning to the garage to do the deal. I should thank Andrew for his help in the negotiating and for deflecting the salesman patter off of me as we went around all these garages. (I asked him to pretend that it was him who was looking for a car and not me – this gave me the chance to listen and look)

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