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49. Visit Llyn Y Fan Fach

With the end date fast approaching for my 1001 day challenge I have started to become a little more pro-active at looking for things on the list that can be crossed off. So on Easter Monday I set off to Llyn Y Fan Fach which is located in the Brecon Beacons. I have always wanted to visit after hearing the legend of the lady from the lake (not the one from Arthurian legends) when I was younger, at primary school I remember they were planning on producing a play telling the story even thought I was involved I can only ever remember one meeting regarding it.

So armed with camera I eventually got to the car park at the bottom of the mountain and started the walk up to the lake, now if you have no idea how far away something is it seems to take ages to get there and I have to admit I am not as fit as I thought I was or used to be. I could blame the shoes I was wearing (not what is recommended for mountain walking) but in reality I should get out and exercise more.
Llyn Y Fan FachThe walk however painful it might have been was rewarding once I got to the lake, I will admit I did not know what to expect as I had only ever seen photographs taken from higher up the mountains. The photo here does not really do the place justice but I must have spent a good bit of time up by the lake just enjoying the views and taking photos, it was odd to see some of the peaks covered in snow and if it had not been so late in the day (and if I had been better prepared) I may well have continued to climb further up the mountain to get more photos. I am glad I did not now as after deciding to start the descent it began to snow and the weather did start to close in.

After visiting Llyn Y Fan Fach I can understand why the place is thought to be magical. I am sure I have the story regarding the lake prepared for one of my sites but can’t find it at the moment but I will add a link here (eventually)

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