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11. Do a car boot sale

This was something that I have been meaning to do for quite sometime, mainly to get rid of a lot of my old junk. However when actually looking through my possessions and putting aside the things that were surplus to requirements and could be sold at a car boot sale I discovered I had very little and would be hard pushed to sell enough to cover the cost of setting up the stall. So for the last few months I have been building up bits and pieces that I could sell or at the very least have on the table to make it look like I had a lot.

Car boot saleIt has been at least ten years since I last did a car boot sale and this was the first time at this location and I did find it rather disappointing that there did not seem to be a great deal of organisation, we got there just after 7am and were informed that there was no spaces inside so we would have to set up outside and take our chances with the elements. But even setting up outside there was no real order so after setting up the table and having to contend with all those bargain hunters (fellow traders hoping for a bargain in the confusion of setting up your stall) we were set and with a few more cars around us it should have helped with the footfall. The weather managed to hold out for a few hours just after 11.00 that a few of the cars close to us decided to call it a day but as the rain got heavier we called it quits at about 11.30.

The majority of what I had was old VHS cassettes ( I have hundreds so only took the films that I have on DVD) a old inkjet printer, scanner and some old computer games. I had not expected to sell many videos as DVD’s seem to be all the rage these days but was surprised that none of the computer peripherals went but then again would many people want to take a risk buying electrical goods at a car boot sale?

I did not want the printer so removed the ink cartridges so that I can send them off to be recycled and hopefully get some TESCO Clubcard Points some of the other smaller items that had no real value for me were binned and I shall be deciding what to do with the other items that did not sell.

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