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Nightmare-relm - 101 Things/1001 Days » Blog Archive » 10. Eat a fruit I have never tried before.

10. Eat a fruit I have never tried before.

Sharon FruitYou would have thought that this is something I could have done months ago and I suppose you would be right. Never easy to know what fruits I have never tried, as I tend to eat a lot of mixed fruit but I after months of looking at exotic type fruits I decided to sample the “Sharon Fruit” which is persimmon variety and a good source of Vitamin A. To me looking at this fruit it looks like a tomato and after learning that it could be eaten as an apple I decided to try it. The first thing I should say is that the skin is very hard but edible. As I bit into it I did expect to either instantly love or hate it but to be honest I found it rather bland. Maybe because I was expecting it be just as juicy as a tomato in fact to describe the taste and texture I would have to say it reminded me of eating a pear (same texture to the fruit) but a pear is a lot more refreshing. So no more Sharon Fruits for me!

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