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10. Eat a fruit I have never tried before.

Sharon FruitYou would have thought that this is something I could have done months ago and I suppose you would be right. Never easy to know what fruits I have never tried, as I tend to eat a lot of mixed fruit but I after months of looking at exotic type fruits I decided to sample the “Sharon Fruit” which is persimmon variety and a good source of Vitamin A. To me looking at this fruit it looks like a tomato and after learning that it could be eaten as an apple I decided to try it. The first thing I should say is that the skin is very hard but edible. As I bit into it I did expect to either instantly love or hate it but to be honest I found it rather bland. Maybe because I was expecting it be just as juicy as a tomato in fact to describe the taste and texture I would have to say it reminded me of eating a pear (same texture to the fruit) but a pear is a lot more refreshing. So no more Sharon Fruits for me!

2007 Year Update

Another year has gone and that means I am getting closer to the deadline for my 101 things to achieve within 1001 days. When I started this project I expected it to be easy but then again if something is worth doing it should not be easy.

So with just over a year to go what have I done over the past few twelve months, to be honest it does not feel like a great deal but I have now crossed off seven things off my list –

54. Upgrade/change my computer
35. Visit the National Botanical Gardens of Wales
46. A night out in Cardiff/Swansea
70. Complete EDCL Level 3 Powerpoint
85. Complete my Quantum Leap dvd collection
34. Visit Dublin
25. Go out to Worms Head off Rhosilli

But I am well on my way to completing the following –

1. To watch all of the AFI top 100 films.
2. To watch all of the BFI top 100 films.
3. To watch all of the IMDB top 250 films.
(Out of the 367 films that I need to watch to be in a position to complete the above three tasks I have currently watched only 90.)
91. Visit at least five National Trust properties[1/5]

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