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85. Complete my Quantum Leap dvd collection

I have been a fan of Quantum Leap since I caught the first episode on BBC2 over here and always thought it was a great idea for a television show. At school on a Wednesday all my friends would be talking about the episode on the night before. Like all good programmes they have to end at some point and the final episode was quite a talking point and still is today to be honest. Back in those days they started to release the episodes on video and I have a grand plan to collect them all, in fact I only ever managed to buy the pilot episode and never seemed to have the money to buy the other releases. It seems that others couldn’t either as they never released the complete series, and only a few videos were released so when I saw that the dvd was being released with all the first seasons episodes I had to have it and when it came to compiling this list I knew that I just had to complete the collection. The final box set to complete my collection arrived yesterday.

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