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25. Go out to Worms Head off Rhosilli

Me on the worm

I used the fantastic weather yesterday to re visit Rhosilli and was finally able to make the trip to “Worms Head” On my two previous visits I have been unable to get across to the actual worm as the tide had been in. I was lucky yesterday as the tide was out and the causeway was still passable so I set off and have to admit that it was a lot further than I originally thought. In the past I have looked from the hill side when the tide is in the gap looks very small but it is a fair trek just to get to the first island and then you I discovered that there is another causeway to climb over to get to the second island. Unfortunately it was not as clear as I would have hoped and a lot of the photos I took of the coastline are very hazy. Apart from that it was a good day and I must have walked miles and burnt up loads of energy with all the climbing that needed to be done to get across the causeway. So been a while but I finally get to cross something else off my list 🙂

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