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Year End Update!!

It was the 1st April 2006 when I started this project and to be honest I thought I had gotten off to a good start but when I look at what I have achieved and what I have actually crossed off my list in the last nine months it does not seem that much. To me it seems that I have neglected this site for most of the year so maybe that is why I decided to do an update at the end of the year.

In fact I have only crossed off five items from my list –

58. Complete EDCL Level 3 Word course
63. Create a sub site for this project.
69. Complete EDCL Level 3 Access course
77. Visit a continental market
79. Visit Llyn Llech Owain country park

But I am well on my way to completing the following –

1. To watch all of the AFI top 100 films.
2. To watch all of the BFI top 100 films.
3. To watch all of the IMDB top 250 films.
(Out of the 367 films that I need to watch to be in a position to complete the above three tasks I have currently watched only 42.)
41. Create at least 50 handmade cards [16/50]
(I set myself the task of creating 50 handmade cards and I am pretty sure when I finalise all the cards I made and sent out for Christmas I should be able to cross this off)

So I still have another 728 days left to complete the remaining tasks I set myself.

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