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# 77 – Visit a continental market

A continental market has been held in Carmarthen this weekend and I thought I would take the time to explore it and try out some of the food and drink available from other parts of Europe. Okay it would be a lot cheaper to buy similar products from the local supermarket as my mother was quick to point out but I felt that would be a waste to not enjoy what was on offer at the market. I did notice that some of the stallholders were not really selling anything that I considered to be “continental” but there were more than a few stalls manned by foreigners offering samples of their wares.

I did notice that the stall selling biscuits from Brittany and the chocolates from Belgium but the prices were ridiculously expensive. I worked it out that only a few biscuits would cost me £3.50, they may have been handmade but I have better things to spend my money on and spend it I did.

Ended up getting some pear cider and some items from the French stall, which had been freshly baked and there really is nothing better than freshly baked pastries.

# 58 – Complete EDCL Level 3 Word course

I arrived in college yesterday afternoon to be told by the tutor that I had passed the first of the four modules of the advanced ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) course in Word. Not bad seeing as I took the test after only four weeks in the class. Unfortunately I will not get to know my final mark all I do know is that I would have achieved more that 76%.

Hopefully the certificate will arrive soon but in the meantime I have already started on the next module which is databases and Access, I’m hoping to sit the exam for this before college breaks up for summer but we’ll have to see how I get on.

April Update

Well the first month of this project has passed and I thought it would be a good idea to look back at the past month to see how I have gotten on. You may notice that my list of things to do is still not complete, I have 91 of the 101 things and have decided that as I still have 971 days left and so much can change in that time it would be prudent for me to keep some “spare” slots. These 10 unassigned “slots” will eventually be filled hopefully when things in my life have changed.

So far I have completed 2 of my tasks and have watched 31 movies out of the 367 that I need to watch to complete tasks 1, 2 and 3.

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