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# 79 – Visit Llyn Llech Owain Country Park

Llyn Llech Owain Country Park

One of the first times I have not been forced to work over the Easter weekend and I decided not to waste this opportunity as the sun was shining and the sky was blue to get out and see a little part of the world. This part of the world is only a 20 minute drive from me, yet I have never been to Llyn Llech Owain country park.

I remedied this on Good Friday when I went there for the afternoon and took a walk around the park.

The main feature of the park is the lake, which is surrounded by a peat bog but with its network of paths through the coniferous woodland, dry heath and broad leaved woodland it is a perfect location for walking and nature lovers.

Movie Madness

I’ve been asked why I have set myself the task of watching so many movies over the 1001 day period, I believe that all the lists add up to the 375 mark. I decided to do this as I have always had a love of films and thought this would be a good opportunity to watch films I may never watch otherwise.

Looking at the movie list, I can already see films that I own that I will get around to watching again and also films that I would not normally take the time to watch, so this is one of those tasks that I think will last the whole 1001 days.

#63 – Create a sub site for this project

With just under a week already passed since I began this I still have not managed to come up with 101 things that I hope to do over the next 1001 days. I have in the last few days added a few more things to my list but it seems strange to decide on things to do/achieve over such a long length of time.

I have managed to achieve one item of my list and that was to create a sub site for the project, okay I used a prepared theme adding my own photo, which I took today and added a starburst.

Project kick-off

Well as it is the 1st April I have officially begun “The 101 things in 1001 days” project, you can find more information and my list in on the sidebar. I will be making regular entries here to keep everyone updated as to my progress over the next 1001 days.

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